Academic Affairs

Pharmacist's Letter

Doctor of Pharmacy students and full-time faculty at the school are provided free access to the Pharmacist's Letter database through a gift from Wal-Mart. A PDA version of the Pharmacist's Letter is also available through this subscription.

Student Access

Full time PharmD students can request access to the Pharmacists Letter by clicking the “Activate My Subscription” button on this page.

Faculty Access

Faculty may request access to the Pharmacist's letter by by sending your name, title, and email address to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Richard Dalby. After confirming you are eligible for a complimentary subscription (which requires you are a full time faculty member paid by the University of Maryland with a substantial classroom teaching commitment to PharmD students) an account request will be forwarded to The Pharmacist's Letter who will then issue instructions and a password. Information provided by the faculty will not be given to sources other than the Pharmacist's Letter, and will not be forwarded to Walmart (the sponsor of complimentary access) or other third parties.

Unfortunately, Affiliate Faculty and Preceptors are not eligible for complimentary access under the terms of the arrangement with Walmart.

Login Assistance

Individuals accessing the Pharmacist's Letter using a CE ID number must sign up for a new account to maintain database access. 

University of Maryland Baltimore help desk and library staff will be unable to assist with login issues encountered with the Pharmacist's Letter web site. To help users seeking assistance, the Pharmacist's Letter has set up Web-based form for subscriber assistance.